Puppyheroes is a digital collection of 5,000 exclusive NFTs living in the Barkaverse Tower within the Polygon Blockchain.

Each Puppy is unique and doubles as your access card to holders only utility, events, roadmap activations and admission into the Barkaverse Tower.

Our goal is to gather like-minded people (dog lovers, gamers, drinkers) to develop an active and sustainable community while building our brand in the Metaverse and IRL.

Puppy 1
Puppy 2
Puppy 3
Puppy 4

First Whitelist Mint in March 2022



When you buy a Puppyheroes token, you are not simply buying an avatar, you are gaining membership access and ownership to a community club. Your Puppyheroes token also serves as your digital identity in the Barkaverse, where members network, share ideas and collaborate to build a stronger brand and community.

Brand Building

We aim to become the top Brand in NFT especially when it comes to Pets, Gaming, and Drinking. We have lined up with celebrities/influencer endorsements and various brand collaborations to further strengthen our brand name. Our Merch line will include relatable lifestyle products such as headphones, watches, phone cases, pet food, playing cards etc, rather than the same old T-shirts and hoodies like everyone else. Post-Mint gatherings will be held which includes live concerts and Dj events in the Barkaverse Tower and IRL.

Pheroes Comic

To further strengthen our brand and presence, we will launch short comic strips using our Puppies to keep our social media page interesting and fun, community input is always welcome and will become the driving force behind this.

Community Ecosystem

The majority of the royalties raised will contribute towards building the Barkaverse Tower in the Sandbox and marketing fund to achieve our long term goals. Floor sweeping exercise will be performed and Community events will be held where dividends will be distributed to token holders.

Puppy Business

Our OG crew has strong business and social media connections within Asia, we have a wide range of experts in their respective areas such as angel investors, professionals (bankers, lawyers, accountants), influencers (KOL, Music Producers) etc. A members-only business chat channel is set up in our discord to help future entrepreneurs to steer into the right course, other new members with related experience are also welcome to contribute.

comic 01

comic 02


"Into the Metaverse!" Yes, we have been hearing this phrase too many times in various NFT projects, but how many would actually walk the talk? Our Puppyheroes team is committed to building a strong community and setting our feet in the metaverse, this is also the main reason this project is placed on the Polygon network as Sandbox is also based on the Ethereum and Polygon Blockchain. The design team is already in progress of building the Barkaverse Tower in the Sandbox Maker whilst testing its gaming functions, upon 50% of minting we will immediately purchase land with the community wallet and execute our concept and designs.

Toy Gang VS Bulldog Gang

Each Puppy is unique and divided into 2 gangs, the Toy Gang resides in the East wing while the Bulldog Crew hangs around in the West wing of the tower. The Battle Arena at the centre of the tower is where the two gangs meet and engage in gaming battles. We will start off the Battle Arena with a "Tower of Hell" concept which includes regular competition and prizes for token holders, while expanding the gaming zone to eventually come up with a "Squid Game" Format knockout Arena.

Barkaverse Events

Metaverse Community events will also be held in the Barkaverse Tower including live stream concerts, DJ events and even Business Conferences. Ideas on further developments are open up for the community to decide which may include and not limited to setting our feet in other metaverse platforms (Decentraland?) or creating our own DAO and in-game coin.


There would be 50 Legendary puppies with one-of-a-kind traits in this collection. 48 will be by random chance during the minting stage (blindbox), 1 would go to our first winner of the Barkaverse Squid Game, while the final one going to the winner of our community event.

Owners of the Legendary collection will receive additional benefits, this includes small team gatherings with our influencers and business OG team, so you can pick their brains or even pitch your upcoming ideas to them. Upon review and approval we will also help promote your business within the community.

Legendary Puppy


Mid Feb 2022:
Launch of Social Media and Discord Channel

Our priority is to develop an active and cohesive crew to ensure the success of our collection. Discord channel is launched and Puppies are minted for the OG crew for the first wave of marketing push.

Mar 2022:
Whitelist and Public Minting

Whitelisted Elite members will start their Pre-sale a week before Public Minting. The remaining Puppies will be released for Public Minting on the Polygon Blockchain.

Late Mar 2022:
Reveal and Secondary Market Listing

The Blindboxes are revealed and we will list our collection on Opensea after Public Minting. We are here to build a community and not to flip for profits, the OGs won’t sell so we suggest you not to sell as well and become a part of our community in the long run.

Purchase of Land

Upon the completion of Minting the team will immediately purchase land on the Sandbox.

Q2 2022:
Physical Merch Shop Open

While the Members section will showcase exclusive Merch for our community, a public store is also open to showcase our lifestyle products carrying our brand.

Charity Adoption Event

We will collaborate with Charities and organise our first Dog Adoption event.

Online and IRL Gathering

Upon suggestions on location from members, we will be organising our first online and IRL gathering, where members can socialise and also treat this as an opportunity for business networking.

Q3 2022:
Launch of Barkaverse

Since we are already in progress of building the Barkaverse Tower, the Beta launch day might be way earlier than Q3, however we would set our official launch at the beginning of Q3.

Airdop of voxel avatar NFT on Sandbox

Airdrop of your Puppy Sandbox avatar for all token holders.

First Concert/DJ event in the Barkaverse Tower

This is the moment we have all been waiting for, we will hold our first official Barkaverse event , this would be a good first experience for us as there are more collabs and events down the road, the possibilities are endless.

First Barkaverse “Squid Game”

Token holders are invited to participate in our first “Squid Game” where we will drop Merch and Cryptos as Prizes, the first place finisher will also receive a Legendary Puppy.

Q4 and beyond

With a strong community and Barkaverse Tower in place, the opportunities are endless. This project is community driven, other projects and events down the line such as an additional Metaverse on Decentraland or even issuing our own token is for us to vote and decide.

Our team will continue to build our brand through our existing connections, and most importantly reach out to our members for further collaborations that can take us to the sky and beyond.


These are the brains behind Puppy Heroes.

JSilvia: Entreprenuer, Gamer, Go getter
BA Business Admin
MSc Int'l Mgnt
15 yr exp professional Auditor and Risk Mgnt

Self proclaimed gamer and beerologist. Has taken his talents to Metaverse after his brief stint as a wanna be pro-gamer.

Ed925: Project Management
BSc IT Project Mgnt

Over 15 years of experience in IT Project Management yet has burnt over ten thousands in short lived Mobile games, he couldn’t jump any faster into the project where online assets are valuable.

Asurada: Smart Contract
BSc/MSc Mechanical Engineering

Race car driver at heart and Smart contract Guru

iNorto: Sandbox Tower design
Competitive RB6 player and war game enthusiast, started his interest in this space when he made an entire City in Minecraft while chilling with friends.

Nidh: Artwork Designer
Has a habit of sipping Gin with Shisha while completing his artwork.

HarryyTH: Influencer and Marketing
Done his fair share of time travelling around the world and popping champagnes with influencers.

VERIFIED SMART CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0xa7785b7b34d594c8401008712ab374e04ee07c2e